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ACS Acoustical Enclosures (standard and custom) are designed to control noise levels of engine driven sets, compressor, and pump systems.  The performance of a standard enclosure will reduce the equipment's noise level to 85 dBA or less, 3 feet from the enclosure and 5 feet above grade level.  Enclosures can be custom designed to reduce equipment noise to meet virtually any sound level required.

We also offer upgrade options on construction materials, wind load ratings, seismic ratings, sound attenuation and the ability to add off-shore paint or electrical components.


  • Materials of Construction: Materials will be properly selected for the type of environment and service life the unit will require. Normal materials of construction for the walls and roof skin, framing and inner liner include aluminum, stainless steel, galvanneal steel.  As well as other materials required to meet arctic conditions.

  • Skin: Material thickness ranges from 16 gauge to 1/4 plate. Perforated inner liner thickness ranges from 24 gauge. Galvanneal steel is standard.

  • Framing: Structural channels, beams, and tubing consistig of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

  • Insulation Fill Material: 4 to 8 lbs/cu. ft. density wool, with 4 lbs. beig standard.

  • Protective Cover (between insulation and perforated): 2 mil poly is standard.

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