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ACS designs and manufactures 14- to 16-gauge Galvanneal weather enclosures for gen-sets, pumps, engines, and compressors. These completely sealed structures are able to withstand 125 mph winds, 42 lbs per square foot roof loads, Zone 2 earthquakes, and are rain resistant to 4” per hour.


  • 14-16 gauge wall thickness with internal stiffeners, welds and framing.

  • Full-length base channels and rectangular frame tubing

  • Maximum 24" wide interlocking wall panels with internal welds

  • Welded at all connection points. Steel end caps welded at all open tube ends.

  • Mounting holes in the base channel allow fastening directly to base skid or foundation

  • Maximum static pressure drop less than 0.5 inches of water through the enclosure.

  • Inlet and exiting airflow at each end

  • 36” of clearance at back end of gen-set skid

  • Radiator air duct work/flashing installed before shipping.

  • Exhaust opening with 304 stainless steel weather shield

  • 7” fixed galvanized inlet and discharge weather louvers with ½” birdscreen

  • Four (4) lifting lugs for lifting of the enclosure only

  • Exterior surfaces are cleaned, primed and painted with one coat of epoxy and one coat of polane polyurethane.


  • Materials of Construction: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

  • Radiator Discharge Elbow

  • Gravity Backdraft Dampers

  • Electrical Package

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