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The Fuel Maintenance System (FMS) is a fully automated, stand-alone, self-contained system designed for tanks of varying sizes. It cleans and reconditions stored fuels, eliminating the problems associated with the water, sludge and other contaminants that develop in fuel storage tanks over time. The system’s automatic cleaning program will provide a constant clean fuel supply that will assure the reliable operation of your emergency power unit whenever it is needed.
The FMS is operated by a 6” color touch screen PLC/HMI or a basic LCD PLC controller, will periodically circulate your stored fuel through a series of water removal and particulate filters that remove 99.7% of free water and 99.5% of particulate contaminants. It will keep your stored fuel in clean, like new condition, preventing clogged engine filters, injection system repairs and the need for periodic fuel replacement or tank cleaning due to fuel contamination and the resulting degradation.

The system is fully monitored and alarmed for safety.  Alarms can be sounded at the unit or communicated off site via a MODBUS (RS 485) serial and Ethernet TCP/IP connection. Two (2) dry contacts for pump running and common alarm are available for customer use.  The system will alarm and can be shut down automatically for any or all of the following conditions:

1.  Hi-pressure at the primary and final filters, indicating a filter change out is needed
2.  Hi-vacuum at the water separator, indicating the separator needs service.
3.  Hi-water in the separator, indicating the need for it to be drained.
4.  Equipped with an in-cabinet drip tray, a leak detector in the tray will sound an alarm and shut  the system down on detection of any liquid, which may indicate an internal system leak.


  • UL 508A Labeled Control Panel

  • Push button emergency stop located on the outside of the cabinet (remote mount is optional)

  • 3 Position selector switch, Pump-Hand / Off / Auto

  • Control logic short circuit protection, 1 A / 1-Pole

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